LOGITECH CC3000e PTZ Conference Camera

Logitech PTZ Pro High Definition Video Conference Camera

If you need a conference room webcam and speaker phone to enable your Lync, Jabber, Webex and Zoom video conferencing via USB, you’ve found the PERFECT solution! The Logitech PTZ Pro is the perfect easy and affordable video conference camera option for any conference room, school, or office.

Give your business or school the power to collaborate and communicate remotely, without the huge price tag or complexity of traditional systems! The flexibility and affordability of the Logitech PTZ Pro (that’s empowering companies of all sizes to realize the benefits of video collaboration) will literally transform the way you work or share.

We believe video conferencing systems should be:

  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Easy to use
  • Priced fair
  • ALWAYS Working

While a typical video conferencing setup will cost you thousands of dollars, the Logitech PTZ Pro (at well under $1,000) is a powerful and affordable video conferencing camera that’ll turn any small to medium sized room into a video-enabled collaboration room!

Fully optimized for workgroups of 6-10 people, you’re getting a true all-in-one solution with remarkable 1080p HD video and the ability to easily connect to a laptop or mobile device, giving workers the productivity benefits of crystal-clear, face-to-face communication from any distance.